• TheSly
  • 2 years ago
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You are the commander of the Kings artillery. The king has misplaced the family star collection, and has turned to you to track it down.

You man one of your cannons and head off looking for the lost treasures. Finding all his Majesties lost stars requires you to battle through the Canyou Kingdom in more then 10 strategic levels (ok, it's only 11, but more then 10 sounds way cooler).

Wow...all that sounds awesome. That's the game I should of made. Instead I did a janky Angry Birds type thing.


  • GM's Physics engine providing realistic collisions and movements
  • More then 10 levels!
  • Level Select
  • Puzzles involving using some gray matter
  • Save game feature
  • Fun graphics
  • Cleverly omitted music enabling you to concentrate on the puzzle aspect. alt text
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