Take flight as a blind, smitten recluse!

Things are getting serious with your internet girlfriend. Time to meet her face to face! But to do that, you'd have to... go outside and interact with other people...

But perhaps not! There are rooftops to jump between!

However, sitting too close to the screen has destroyed your vision. You'll need the help of some feathered friends to not only get the lift you'll need to fly through the air, but help you map out a safe course!

Use the mouse to guide your feathered "friends" through the air. They'll map any obstacles they encounter. When you're ready (or if you've ran out of birds to throw), draw your flight map and see how correct you were!


Throw Birds - Mouse

Control Thrown Birds - Mouse

Draw Course - Mouse

Interact with Menu and Prompts - Mouse

Close Game - Mouse

Make sure Highsight never plays your game again - Escape key


Programming by Vinnie_V

Graphics & Music by BaconBoy123

See the development timelapse here!

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  • Jupiter Hadley

    Very unique game! I included it in my compilation video series of all of the games from the GM48, if you’d like to take a look :) https://youtu.be/K_L2zq0zxbg

  • Fachewachewa

    Very very good, and pretty original too!

    I have only one complaint: got one level with the moving ballons in the middle and it felt kinda random, especially since I missed one in the middle with all my birds, and didn't know where it was when I jumped



  • Luiz Gustavo Alves

    Amazing gameplay, really cool to play it's kinda relaxing to be playing this game, love the atmosphere of it. Good job.

  • Andrew
    • Level 4

    4yrs ago

    I like the game a lot, but I'm struggling to figure out how to land on the building at the end of the level. I seem to stop a little short of it, but I don't know how to go a little farther since I think I'm drawing my flight path all the way to the top of the map.

    • Vinnie_V

      Thanks for playing! :) You'll want to make sure that for the last bit of your path, you're pointed at the building. He continues on at the end of the drawn path in the last direction he was going, until he either goes out of bounds, hits something, or reaches the end building.

  • SpaceMyFriend

    Wow. I've never played anything quite like this! Seriously awesome work!

    I saw a gif on twitter of the hand drawing the line through the obstacles and i thought it was just some clever way of advertising your game, but no it's actually the game! So stinkin cool!

    Another aspect that really shines is the music. Game jam music tends to be pretty repetitive but this was really top notch stuff.

    Maybe it's just late, but i felt like I needed a little more explaining on what i was actually doing, but I figured it out really quick, so really, it's probably just late haha.

    I always root for the games that don't get a lot of attention in jams, so I hope you guys get a top spot. Well done!

    Gun Glitch

    Gun Glitch

    • Vinnie_V

      Thank you very much, we're glad you enjoyed playing it! :D

      Yeah, I was having a little trouble trying to concisely explain the plot/mechanics in a simplified paragraph, haha. It could use a better tutorial. But thankfully I think it tends to make sense after playing it for a round.

  • Kwis
    • Level 67

    4yrs ago

    Pretty nice! That was original gameplay :) I like how you sacrifice birds to create your path; hearing them "squeak" as they hit obstacles is amusing!

    Killed 76 of them. Struggled for a while.

    The game's thumbnail (or "icon" as it's called) doesn't help the game to stand out amongst the others while browsing though, the gif is way too quick to engage you! I suggest working that a bit. It would benefit the game, as it definitely shouldn't be so shy!

    • Vinnie_V

      Thank you very much! I'm glad you found the gameplay original! :)

      And oh yes, I agree. I created that icon right at the end of the gamejam when I was exhausted. With the new 1 mb limit on the icon, rather than retry for a simpler animated icon, I just kept condensing the footage of the game until it fit in the limit and called it a night lol. But I put a better one up now, so hopefully that helps!

  • Problematicar

    I have no idea how you guys keep making a better game than the last every single time.

    I'm not joking, right now I feel bad because I didn't want to give a game straight 10s, like ever, but this game is so far ahead of everything else, even the great ones, that I couldn't bring myself to not give it an almost perfect score. How you did this in 48 hours is beyond me.

    The music and art and story just come together in the most beautiful way, I don't want to seem like I don't mean it, because it feels like I'm exaggerating, but I never saw that gameplay idea like that before, the level design was cool af and randomly generated (I think) at the same time, the fake 3d effect was done perfectly and everything just felt so smooooth.

    I mean, props to you guys, I'd probably buy this game as it is like it was a finished one on steam.

    • Vinnie_V

      Wow, you seriously just made a programmer and an artist's entire week with this comment. :) We're so, so glad you enjoyed the game!

      You brought up a few things I wanted to comment on real quick:

      • The game actually uses GameMaker's 3D functions. In fact, there's a .obj 3D model importer script I wrote that's still in the game, but I couldn't get the normals to look right from exported Blender models. Originally, the main character was gonna throw paper airplanes, but we then changed it to birds (for the better in the end, I think).

      • I have a bad habit of resorting to randomly generated levels, so I specifically wanted to make sure not to do that here, haha. The levels are designed by hand, but they have the chance at spawn to be flipped horizontally or vertically, helping to keep the game from getting stale between deaths (and to help prevent players from memorizing level layouts).

      Thank you so much for playing! :D

  • Chaos
    • Level 1

    4yrs ago

    I'm AMAZED. Never thought that someone can make working 3D game in Game maker, just in 48 HOURS, even with a team. I love graphics, and sound are realy great. Yes it's not about guns and stuff, but who said that game supposed to have them. I love this game, want to see it on steam or on google play and apple store. 9.99/10 just because of theme

  • Rabugree

    Really nice ! 48h to make a game like that is amazing ! Cool with this "3D". And the music is really great. Good Job.

    Beer Bug

    Beer Bug

  • pixelviking

    what a wonderfull game! Great use of the theme and love the mechanics and cute back story