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Take flight as a blind, smitten recluse!

Things are getting serious with your internet girlfriend. Time to meet her face to face! But to do that, you'd have to... go outside and interact with other people...

But perhaps not! There are rooftops to jump between!

However, sitting too close to the screen has destroyed your vision. You'll need the help of some feathered friends to not only get the lift you'll need to fly through the air, but help you map out a safe course!

Use the mouse to guide your feathered "friends" through the air. They'll map any obstacles they encounter. When you're ready (or if you've ran out of birds to throw), draw your flight map and see how correct you were!


Throw Birds - Mouse

Control Thrown Birds - Mouse

Draw Course - Mouse

Interact with Menu and Prompts - Mouse

Close Game - Mouse

Make sure Highsight never plays your game again - Escape key


Programming by Vinnie_V

Graphics & Music by BaconBoy123

See the development timelapse here!


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