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Welcome to Boyard Island, one of the most conventional island you can find, where friends and families live together, mostly undisturbed.

On Boyard, everything is so ordinary that even going out to get some milk can be an adventure on its own!

Luckily, this is the mission your mother gave you. Will you accept it?


  • explore a dense, 3D open world
  • meet a dozen of colorful characters
  • mind-bending puzzles
  • multiple options, play as a pacifist or as a psycopath
  • secrets and easter eggs


Explore the island, talk to the population and solve puzzles.

  • WASD / ZQSD or arrow keys to move
  • Spacebar to interact with stuff

You can also use a controller, with action mapped to A (on an Xbox gamepad).

You might learn new actions during the game, controls will be explained then. With one exception so I'll tell you here: if you're on gamepad, Start has the same function as Escape.


If you're lost or don't really know what to do, here's some vague hints:

  • No, this is not a bug. (unless there's some shader compilation error, in that case I think you need DirectX)
  • Make sure to talk to everyone, Boyard's population have interesting stuff to say.
  • This is a VERY COHERENT world!(!!!) What you learn is conserved between runs, but not your inventory.
  • Some important NPCs have a different dialog depending on other stuff. Those NPCs usually tell you to come back, or other NPCs talk about them.


  • Neights for the Cow sprite and brainstorming
  • Beun for playtesting


This is the first time I used delta_time or a XOR operator!

Also, when I saw the theme I instantly thought "okay so I guess we'll see 50 versions of Minit". WELL would you look at that, who made some kind of Minit?!

It wasn't my objective at first, I started by playing with the 3D stuff to see where it led me... So yeah, the similarity is purely accidental. (For the record I have nothing against Minit and you should play it if you haven't)


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