Outpost Gaspra is in trouble!

The distant and strange Outpost Gaspra has an alien problem. Get inside and clear them all out. Don't lose your head while trying, or you may find you've lost your mind too!

Outpost Gaspra generates a unique multi-level base to run through each time, filled with enemies. They'll occassionally drop health to help you out, too. See how fast you can clear out the whole base!

Looking for a bigger challange? Do the default values keep killing you too quickly? Press C and tell Outpost Gaspra how it should be arranged! The default values are shown at first so you can easily adjust from there! (This feature is super experimental, so it absolutely could crash the game. It also doesn't do any checking on the input, so you can probably generate versions of the base that are unplayable as well. Have fun!)

How to Play

Kill all the aliens to win! An indicated at the bottom of the screen lets you know how many remain.

ASDW / Left+Right Arrows
Left Click / Up Arrow
End Game
Custom Game

Known Issues
Most of my time went into getting the base generator working, but I'm still fairly certain you're going to find weird results. Expect occassional crashing and potentially unsolvable bases. It also isn't incredibly optimized. ...at all. So it won't run very well lol. You'll see this especially if you try to generate really big bases.

The collisions are also super sticky in certain situations. I never got a chance to go back and write some better collision checks, but they're at least fairly functional and shouldn't get you soft locked anywhere (I hope). Enemies may occassionally get stuck. Their AI isn't the smartest.

Coding by Vinnie, Graphics and Music by Bacon

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  • ohlordwhywhy
    Lv. 3

    Wow! Never played something like this on GM. Pretty cool. I think you could've made the map a bit bigger, the bullets a LOT bigger (as well as their sound) and added some different colored blocks to help guidance in the dungeon.

  • Riuku
    Lv. 19

    Very nice retro shooter! The microtonal vibes of the music really enhanced the creepy and alien mood. The only issues I had was that aiming sensitivity was way too fast and that I could hear enemies from very far away. I think I was hearing enemies on the upper floors shooting. So that made the sfx not really work in the player's favor for noticing enemies because it was mostly an unreliable way to detect their positions. But all in all I liked it very much!

  • Reaktori
    Lv. 17

    Very cool art! The HUD is nice and I love the color scheme. Combined with the music and the darkness, it creates a very nice and creepy atmosphere!



  • Funny cat Lord
    Lv. 8

    The atmosphere in this game is amazing, really reminds me of Metroid Prime. However, there's a few things that could also have been done with it, for example. an up-and-down effect for the helmet display whenever you take a step.

    The graphics and the sound both work together to generate a spooky vibe. Great job overall!



  • Thomas Sjerps
    Lv. 29

    Cool stuff! I really enjoyed the first-person 3D, it seems like more people have tried 3D games in general, compared to the past few jams. Looking really nice!

  • arthurgps2
    Lv. 10

    Pretty cool game! I really like the atmosphere, it kinda gives me a nostalgic vibe from old FPS games. I also really like the random generation, you definitely did it better than mine lol. However, it's kind of hard to control myself, there is no mouse sensibility setting so it always move too fast, also I and the enemies get constantly stuck on something whenever we move next to it. Also like the art and the fact you can generate your own levels, even if it's kind of broken at the moment lol.



  • Yosi
    Lv. 42

    The atmosphere is great, but I found the gameplay boring after the first few enemies. Having more varied rooms would have helped I think. Also, being able to set the mouse sensitivity would have been a nice feature, since it was a lot higher than I am used to :)

  • Luke Peña
    Lv. 4

    3D is always impressive! But I have some critiques, same kind of feedback from a few others - getting stuck in walls was pretty common. The overheat mechanic made the shooting really tedious, especially since the hitbox for bullets annd enemies was realy precise and there was no autoaim assist like may of those old FPS games had. The gameplay kind of devolved into ramming into the same walls over and over, wondering where the enemies were.

    Small things, such as making the shooting more fluid, letting you see a kill counter for the floor you're on + a radar of some kind, etc, would all go a long way.

  • Seltzy

    I really love fps games with this aesthetic (boomer shooters, if you will). It doesn't take much for me to enjoy them, so needless to say I found this pretty entertaining! I got caught in a wall once but I was able to get out. Shooting the gun was satisfying but the overheat system felt almost pointless.

  • Tydecon Games

    I really enjoyed the effort you made in to making this a 3D experience, however there were a few things that needed ironing out with the glitches and bugs, I also feel a little more decoration in the rooms could have made them a bit more distringuishable, but I understand that time is a limitation in that regard. However, overall this is impressive coding to do random generation and 3D so I am impressed! :)

  • kris24

    The atmosphere and aesethetic are really well done and give this a pretty polished feel. I did run into a few crashes but ultimately it did work and I was even able to play around with the custom map generator, which was really cool of you to include.

  • q_q
    Lv. 7

    Excellent stuff, didn't expect a shooter in this jam!


    • Really cool look and feel
    • Was a bit long to do everything and wasn't sure of the goal of the game afterall
    • Got an error when pressing C while loading (Custom Game i believe it was)
    WHO AM I ?

    WHO AM I ?

  • GoblinBoy

    3D in GMS2 always amazes me. Let alone doing it for a 48 hours jam.

    Only thing I wish is that I could control the camera with my mouse but it wasn't a big deal.

    The graphics and music created a really cool retro spooky atmosphere and the shooting felt fun.

  • SwiggityCricket
    Lv. 6

    I did not expect a doom-like game in this game jam! I liked the creepy art and feel, although it kinda hurt to look into the dark for so long with stuff appearing right in front of my eyes. The menu/credits music was really good. I liked the creature designs and the HUD, actually all the sprites were really good. I wasn't totally enamoured with the "discovery" aspect, as I wasn't really discovering anything, just finding aliens to kill. But, I had fun and completed it in 300 seconds.

  • 2102

    Holy balls... I am amazed at this game. It's like the game I always wanted to make when I started making games in 2010. Absolutely amazing. Great job!

    The music, sound effects, ambience, gameplay, multi-floor level design, they're all good. I can't find any issue with this game. For a jam game, it's darn near perfect.

    Lv. 36

    526 seconds. This is up there. The graphics are outstanding! Especially the UI and intro screen look especially nice, and the retro+scifi feel created by them and the sound design really hits home.

    I only played through it once, but I never encountered any issues with the procedual generation. The collisions were indeed quite clunky, but everything else makes up for it.

    Really nice difficuly curve, I think. I had some insta-deaths in the beginning, but I soon got the hang out of it. The default settings made a quite Lagom sized basement. I didn't have time to get bored.

    Mechanics could be more innovative. Perhaps the fps and rouge-like combination is unique, but it still feels like something I have seen before.

  • Hessery
    Lv. 10

    So, uh... When are you making a full version?

    EDIT: I'm sorry, this is the full version ha ha.

  • Rovert
    Lv. 5

    This game is fantastic! Very simple but fun to play. Pixel art, sound design and atmosphere are chefs kiss. However, I did have issues. I did find a bug where I got stuck inside the solids and got locked. The custom map mode had errors a lot of the time, but it was fun coming up with custom map scenarios. A lot of the areas felt very samey, but nonetheless it was still very polished.



  • Eric Blackburn
    Lv. 3

    Very good art style, and great technical work for such a short period of time! 3D is hard enough in GMS, so making a room that generates as playable even half the time is very impressive. Just like a lot of games here, only real feedback is more to do. Just killing the same enemies I found didn't hold me on too long, but still a great atmosphere.