Work sucks! I know! It's even worse when everyone in your Office Building is turned into literal demons. Throwdown and fight your way to the top and show your boss how fed up you are with the conditions at work.

Move left/right: A & D or Left/Right Arrows

Jump: Spacebar, X, or K

Pickup furniture: Left Click, Z, or J

Throw furniture: WASD/Arrow Keys + Pickup

What is your weapon of choice?
There aren’t many weapons in an office building, so you'll have to be resourceful. Pick up chairs, desks, computers, monitors, plants and even microwaves to defend yourself! How will you defend yourself?

Welcome the Underworld!
Ranged Demons - exactly how it sounds. A demon with a gun.

Flaying Ranged Demons - a Ranged Demon, but with wings.

Melee Demons - these demons do not have guns, but they still pack a punch!

YOUR BOSS - the head honcho. Give him a piece of your mind. Maybe he'll listen.

All work is original and created by Henry Haak and Maxwell McGrael.

2D Art and Sprites: Henry Haak

Code: Henry Haak and Maxwell McGrael

Level Design: Henry Haak

Sound: Maxwell McGrael

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