The world is ending. Zombies, demons, ghost, gaint spiders, murder hornets, aliens, and of course it's monday. What else could go wrong? All you can do is save as many people as you can and take out these ugly monsters before your overwhelmed. Luckly the military is rewarding you for each saved citizen droping a new turret untop of you adding to your firepower. You may not save the world but you'll die fighting for it.

Uses WASD to move

Left Mouse Button to shoot

Mouse to aim

ESC to go back to title screen

There are 3 achievements you can try and go for too.

Standing Strong-Get a score of 3000 or more without moving

Slaughter-Get a score of 10000 or more

Stacked-Have 8 or more turrets at once

Saving citizens will build upon your tank and give you more guns. Taking damage will remove the last turret added. If you take damage and have no more turrets then you die and the world is lost.

The Tank-Fires single well rounded shot

Minigun-Fires many bullets at once until it over heats

Cannon-Fires a large fast moving cannon

Landmine Deployer-Drops a landmine that blows up monsters who stand on it

Truck Depot-Releases a truck that crushes monsters in its way

Laser Gun-Unstoppable force of destruction with a long wind up time

Killing monsters increases your score. Try and beat mine of 11120

Zombie-Slowly walks towards the tank

Gaint Spider-Sneaks towards the tank. Releases Grubs it was carrying on dead

Murder Hornet-Stings the turrets

Gaint Grub-Runs away to become a Murder Hornet

Ghost-Ecto sneeze

Demon-Charges at the tank

UFO-Fly by fire bombing

The game has a scaling difficulty meaning that as time goes on the monsters get faster and the more turrets you have the more frequent monsters spawn. Each turret has a hidden leveling system. As it gets kills and levels up the stats for that gun will change. Leveling a turret up will aslo spawn a citizen to save.

The Tank-Fire rate, shot speed

Minigun-Heat cap, fire rate

Cannon-Cannon ball size, shot speed, fire rate

Landmine Deployer-fire rate

Truck Depot-fire rate, truck speed

Laser Gun-heat cap

The music is a free asset on the Gamemaker Marketplace called Epic Battle by Petri Hietala As far as I can tell this falls inline with Rule 4

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