C.A.T.B.O.T. needs your help! Our little friend played a bit too roughly with our circuit boards, and now he must fix them. His success is up to you and your willingness to help! Build the circuit boards back up to their full, pristine glory node by node, and both you and our rowdy friend will be having a celebratory nap in no time.

Click and drag C.A.T.B.O.T. in order to aim. He will target the closest node to your trajectory automatically. The further you drag him from his current node, the longer the range within which he can target other nodes!

Release the mouse button and C.A.T.B.O.T. will launch towards the targeted node, correcting course as he flies gracefully over the circuit board. Be careful of microchips, as he will bounce off of them, and his target may change!

Press ESC to pause the game, and Enter or click to resume, or ESC again to quit.

Unfortunately for C.A.T.B.O.T. rebuilding the boards he messed up isn't as simple as waltzing accross and welding the traces back on. He faces two kinds of dangers as of this build: electricity, and bugs!

Electricity, much like the microchips, is an impassable obstacle, however unlike the microchips, colliding with an electric current will hurt C.A.T.B.O.T. Be careful around the sparks!

Cockroaches have also found their way onto the pile of broken boards. Touching them will also hurt C.A.T.B.O.T., however launching yourself into them will squish them!

Once hurt, C.A.T.B.O.T.'s emergency systems will kick in and he will gain invulnerability for a short time. Make good use of it!

There are currently five tutorial stages in this build. They explain the controls and dangers C.A.T.B.O.T. will face while trying to build the circuit boards, and will walk you through these explanations much more organically than a text description ever could.

All you need to do to complete a stage is to fix the minimum required nodes for the exit plug to connect, There are convenient lights on the plug to indicate how many nodes you still need to build before you can move on! Once you have the requisite number, all you need to do is head to the exit node, and launch yourself out of there.

You may notice there is a score at the end of each stage. C.A.T.B.O.T. wants to do a good job and will rank his performance as he goes through each stage: one paw for doing the bare minimum, two paws for either fixing all nodes or squishing all the bugs, and three paws for doing both!

Can you help him gain three paws on all stages?

Thank you for playing our game and we hope you liked it! Here are the people responsible for creating it:

Team SunForge

  • Programming: GyD Geza
  • Art: Pumpkin GyDParise
  • Sound design: Pumpkin GyDParise


GameMaker Studio 2

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  • Ross Boman
    Lv. 30

    You can damage the cat by pulling it back into the lasers before you even let go. The bouncing around was a bit odd at times. Other then that it was a fun puzzle game.

  • MIntyMax
    Lv. 4

    I love the concept! It's super cute! It could definatly be devlopt further into like a mobile game. The controls felt pretty good and fairly entuative! Knowing where I was going to land was a little confusing but stull fun. Great idea, great music, great art!

  • Yosi
    Lv. 46

    A very unexpected and creative entry! I've always thought circuit boards would make great game levels, and this used that theming well. The bounce physics were odd at times, but besides that the gameplay was quite polished.

  • Seltzy

    Really charming and the art is nice. I found it a little confusing though, despite the tutorial. I'm sure the levels were designed with some intent but I really felt like the whole time I was just flinging myself from node to node with no challenge. At one point I think I tricked the game into charging a node I wasn't even on. Regardless, this is a cool project.

  • GoblinBoy

    I would die for this little catbot. Puzzles had more depth then I would have expected at first. Coupled with the really nice presentation this is a super solid entry

  • Tydecon Games

    I think this game has great artwork and style though I did find it easy to get stuck by the lightening and it was a little odd that you had to wait around for the ndoes to charge up - nitpicks aside, this is beautifully done and a great game that can stand on its own, jam or not. As others had pointed out though, I'm not sure how it fits the theme, but that aside, great job! :)

  • Villany
    Lv. 6

    This game has an impressive amount of polish for a gm48 game. The movement felt good, and it was very satisfying to launch my catbot around the circuit board. There was a glitch I had at one point where it thought that I was on a node that I wasn't on, but other than that, it all functioned perfectly. In the end I had a lot of fun with this one, and my only wish is that it was a little bit longer (but understandable with the timeframe). Great work!

  • s7stringmadness
    Lv. 4

    This was a pretty fun little project, and very polished! It wasn't too difficult, which was perfect for a jam game. Really nice job overall!



    • gyd geza
      Lv. 2
      gyd geza Coder of C.A.T.B.O.T. Circuit Builder

      11mos ago

      Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed! We made sure to scope well enough to be able to do the polish so I'm glad that paid off, haha

  • singleshot
    Lv. 43

    I played your game on stream https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1803296797?t=01h41m52s

    it was an interesting idea, very well made. but also lacked the needed feed back for me to really understand the mechanics of the game beyond a surface glance.

    • gyd geza
      Lv. 2
      gyd geza Coder of C.A.T.B.O.T. Circuit Builder

      11mos ago

      Thanks for playing! Unfortunately something must have happened with the stream since the image is stuck on the main menu while you play in the background, but I appreciate it nevertheless!

  • crazidev
    Lv. 2

    The presentation is very impressive! The gameplay is also very relaxing, it's a very nice entry to play. I suppose it feels more like graphing than building, but it's a link to the theme nonetheless. Something I think would be nice would be if the player had a status for the battery build-up, so that picking paths was more of a conscious choice.

  • zancked
    Lv. 2

    Pretty good entry, impressive art for a game jam! i think the only negative that i can think of is that i wish you were able to zoom out and see the entire board, sometimes i felt like i was flying to random directions with no idea if a circuit was there or not (or maybe i missed something, i dunno)

    • gyd geza
      Lv. 2
      gyd geza Coder of C.A.T.B.O.T. Circuit Builder

      11mos ago

      Thank you! I did plan on having a mini-map or toggle-able map menu but unfortunately that was out of scope for 48 hours.

  • Allison James

    Excellent entry all around! A really unique gameplay hook (I loved that you weren't always just direct-firing to each node, you had to curve around obstacles sometimes), with beautiful graphics, great sound and music design that fit well - this is seriously impressive for only being made in 48 hours.

    Slightly weak relation to the theme is possibly my only complaint here, but I don't think that matters when the game's this good.

    • gyd geza
      Lv. 2
      gyd geza Coder of C.A.T.B.O.T. Circuit Builder

      11mos ago

      Thank you so much! The auto-homing from node to node was pretty much the initial idea that the entire game was built up around, so it makes me very happy to hear such high praise!

      Had we more time, more of the board would have built up with the completion of the nodes, not just the lines, but I still think there's enough connection to justify the entry, haha.

  • Jaspo
    Lv. 16

    There's something surprisingly enjoyable about slingshotting a fake microkitty around a circuit board, even if it doesn't make any sense. However when I got to the level where it was necessary to go over the same circuits multiple times it felt like that made the experience bog down quite a bit. Good art and effects though. Having a team helps considerably with the polish level.

    • gyd geza
      Lv. 2
      gyd geza Coder of C.A.T.B.O.T. Circuit Builder

      11mos ago

      Thank you for your feedback! The cat was a spur of the moment decision in the planning stage and I am very glad we stuck with it, ha.

      I agree that the stages are a bit sluggish when they get bigger, originally we planned for it to have a bit of a bullet hell shooter element to it and perhaps if we had one more day we could have done it, but it's more of an "avoid the obstacles and get to the end" kind of game at the moment.

      And yeah, it's amazing how much having two people over just solo developing helps, haha

  • Xor
    Lv. 4

    The name doesn't lie. Great music!