This is a game where you play as the frog and the frog is to deliver pizza for his boss. Talk to NPC's to learn where they all live so you know where to deliver to. Press M if you wanna mute the game Esc to escape

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  • Brian LaClair

    Very cute game, big fan of all of the animals! I wish there was a slightly better way to navigate, or rather more hints, to get everything to fall into place - but I still enjoyed it!

  • Fachewachewa

    This is a great idea and a very ambitous game. While it fall short in some areas because of the jam's time limit, I still really liked the concept.
    I think my main issue is that it doesn't really pick a lane between having to gather information or not. There's so many stuff to learn at first that I ended up misremembering most of it, but then delivery was generous enough that you could just go around and try everyone. The "trap" dialogues were mostly inconsequential.

    What I'd love for a game like that is maybe having at least a list of names or images of people so you can then sort it yourself and know what information you need, that way taking note would be more manageable. And NPCs could also be more vague about stuff, while delivery time could be a lot lower. But writing for that would definitely be a lot of work.

  • Seltzy

    Cute game, but the time sensitive gameplay didn't inspire me to wander around and enjoy the writing. The talkative NPCs that act to delay you weren't all that interesting as obstacles. You should only ever encounter them once, and it's so easy to escape that they almost seem pointless. Like the fully rendered froggy fella at the end though.

  • Riuku
    Lv. 19

    The art was cute and the music was fun, even if it did become a bit repetive after a short time. It was a fun idea that you needed to talk to people to figure out where people live, but ultimately the timer was generous emough that I made it through by just walking around guessing the locations. Good job on the game!

  • Mark L 🌲
    Lv. 5

    awww great work on all the cute and awesome characters! the music was nice too.

    Really unique entry in that sense. being trapped in convos was a bit annoying to me tho, since it wasn't really fun gameplay and just felt like it was holding me back.

    but great work! lov that frog

  • Henry Haak
    Lv. 41

    This is a pretty ambitious game, but I think you were able to make something charming. I appreciated all the different characters and their personalities, and I like the idea of trying to learn information about the people you're delivering for. Unfortunately, the only people I felt like I got a hint about were snuffles and leo, and I basically just ended up guessing for the rest of them. The time limit is quite generous, so once you find all the characters asking for pizza it's pretty easy to just cycle through all of them for each pizza and deliver to them. I do somewhat understand why the answers didn't really appear to be in dialogue so much, because with infinite time between pizzas it would be easy to just go talk to everyone for the information, and memorize it (or at least where to find the relevant bits).

    As a whole, however, I did enjoy the game. It had a lot of personality, and the art style, while simple, worked well. Great job overall!

  • Loates
    Lv. 10
    Completed in 5 minutes and 0 seconds

    Overall, this game was a cute, short, and enjoyable take on the delivery theme. The music, art, and personalities of the characters makes it feel relatively relaxing and chill (despite the time restrictions for delivering the pizza), and I honestly had a fun time with it, even if it was a rather short experience.

    One feature I especially liked is the whole idea of getting trapped into conversations with some of the NPC's - though, it wasn't particularly difficult or challenging to escape, I thought it was a fun addition to the game.

    Good job on the game jam!

  • Tib Averus
    Lv. 5

    That was a really cute game, I like the fact that you gave each character a different personality of sorts. The layout wasn't hard to memorize either, and overall, it was fun to finish!

  • Yosi
    Lv. 46

    This was a fun take on the theme. I got a bit confused at the start because I skipped the first NPC and talked to one of the NPCs with the super long dialogue, but I tried mashing the spacebar and that got me out. Then after going to the pizza place I realized what the point of that NPC was lol

  • Tydecon Games

    This is a cute idea, I think it would be great if more NPCs told me where the other residents lived but the charm and personality of the characters made this a fun experience. I especially enjoyed the duck! 🦆 good job!