Deliver food from your restaurant to your customers - but watch out for hungry burger bandits!

If you fail to deliver a package even once, you're fired! How many days can you manage to make it? Compete against everyone else on the online leaderboards!


  • Move: WASD
  • Boost: Shift
  • Mute music: M
  • Toggle fullscreen: Alt+Enter


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  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    Hello! I've played your game and it's featured in this video, if you are interested:

  • sushipop!
    Lv. 9

    so thats why my grubhub order was upside down

  • Fachewachewa

    Managed a 23, day 9 had so many red cars :(

    Really impressive game, and I love the simple design of the fences and how boxes can get stuck on them. The game miiiight have gone a little too far on the turning controls, but I'm also pretty bad at driving.

  • Travis Pirozzini
    Lv. 4

    This is really impressive! Entries like this inspire new developers and show us what can be done if we keep putting in the time and effort. I thought the difficulty progression was well thought out and the gates in front of the drop-off points added a layer of complexity that had a big impact on gameplay. Did the truck get harder to control if dragging more deliverables? It felt like it... and if that was the case, then great thinking on that as well. Really really impressed - great work!



  • Mark L 🌲
    Lv. 5

    Wow. just wow

    really amazed by this entry. incredible work.

    and most importantly: it's really enjoyable to play! At first it was a tad hard to control but I got better and the game actually got more difficult as I got better. Great curve in that sense.

    Awesome! :)

  • GoblinBoy

    Man this is how I imagined my entry in my head before I made it. Very jealous of the look and feel of this game! If I had to give any criticism it would be that I would like the truck to feel just a little bit tighter in the controls. I adore the slippery drifting but just like, 10/15% tighter and it would have been perfect. But that's just reaching at this point, great stuff!

  • Tib Averus
    Lv. 5

    This game looks incredible, it's impressive! I'm quite honestly just amazed at what you achieved in such a short time, great job! The gameplay itself was great, but I find the driving to be really difficult to get used to, and sometimes quite frustrating as well, especially as more cars started spawning. Also, the game crashes if you try to use the M key at the very beginning. Aside from that, it's amazing, I had a lot of fun with it, and the whole semi 3D view is just incredible!

  • arthurgps2
    Lv. 12

    Damn I have to praise the technical feat you managed to achieve in this. Coding a whole worked out physics system AND making a 3D game GameMaker is NOT something any of us mortal beings could manage to accomplish in 48 hours, so real props for that.

    I really like how the game teaches you how to play by gut feeling. First the words "Retrieve!" appear and you follow them. Once you retrieve, "Deliver!". Next day a strange car appears out of nowhere and starts chasing you. The next day more of them appear and they start becoming an issue, but soon enough you realize you can explode these cars by hitting them with the boxes. Next day a car cuts off your boxes and you have to get them back, and so on.

    But at certain point having to deal with so many cars and delivery points so far away does get kind of frustrating. The fact that enemy cars hitting your boxes can also mess up your driving doesn't help either. Might also be skill issue of mine, but I don't know.

    Overall, this is a really great entry! So far if I had to pick a winner, I'd be this one. Great job!

    also f!ck that fence cant get the box through that

    LOST, Inc.

    LOST, Inc.

  • Felipe Vega
    Lv. 2

    Wow this was very fun and engaging. Nice music, art, mechanics and understandable score system. Awesome stuff.

  • Hyper Freeze Games
    Lv. 17

    Wow, this is polished! Very well crafted, very fun. I can get a bit frustrating with all the cars pinning you down, you not being able to get the DAMN PACKAGE BEHIND THE GODDAMN FENCE GOT DAMNIT!'s fun! :D Impressive for a gamejam entry. Art is great, music and sound effects are too. Well done!



  • Kask Daxxe
    Lv. 3

    This is smooth as heck. Gonna start with criticisms so I can end on a positive. -Too many enemies! I kept getting rushed right off the bat and felt like I had no control over the player when I was getting rammed from all sides. -Sometimes the Physics did the same, where turning spun the car out of control in a way that I didn't feel I had control. -I got to day 9 and couldn't have moved much faster between the first two houses which were really far apart and ran out of time with 3 to go.

    But largely I have just praise: +I'm not a big player of car games, but the controls were pretty easy to get a hang of, so I really felt myself improve over the first few days( I won't tell you how long it took me to pick up parcel #1) +Leaderboard was a really good idea to give this game some replayability. I probably would have given up sooner if I didn't have a challenge to meet.

    • Enemies especially the big guy are well communicated that they will clip the parcels if they touch you. +Music and art were spot on. Put me in the world perfectly. +Overall felt really polished. I don't remember encountering anything that I had to shrug off from it's being a jam game. Nice one! Hope I stay on the leaderboard for a while XD
  • Loates
    Lv. 10

    Starting with the positives, the art of this game is amazing, and I really like it. The sound design works well too (though I did have one instance where I got stuck inside the clipper enemy, and so got spammed with the sound that plays when he hits you). Furthermore, the game suits the theme super well, and I like the concept of it a lot

    Though the gameplay is good, it's difficulty level is definitely a matter of personal preference - either you'll find the challenge rewarding and enjoyable, or you'll find it frustrating and annoying. I sort of fell into the latter category for this one. Though I enjoyed the gameplay, I definitely found the constant swarm of cars knocking me about everywhere slightly frustrating at times (to be fair though, I suck at games in general lmao, so that probably didn't help)

    Similarly, though easy to understand, the controls for the car felt difficult to get a hang of - it kinda felt like I was slipping around everywhere.

    Overall, I still enjoyed the game a lot. It's got very impressive art considering the time restrictions, and the concept - though executed in a way that I personally found too challenging at times - is great, and suits the theme super well. Good job on the jam!

  • Tydecon Games

    wow wow wow - start to finish this is a well polished masterpiece and could stand on its own as a fully completed commercial game - the voxel graphics, theme, presentation, control, it's fantastic all the way through - your games always have a certain flare to them and this is no exception, another home-run for you, amazing job!

  • pressgoal
    Lv. 8

    I really enjoyed this. The difficulty was a bit high, but the concept is great. The physics are a lot of fun and the art is impressive. The also fits the theme of the game quite well. I think it was a cool idea to have a leaderboard, unfortunately it made me take the game a bit too competitively though, and I think that the knock force on the other cars could be a bit lower. All in all though, a very fun game.

    • Riuku
      Lv. 19
      Riuku Developer of Maku Burger

      1yr ago

      Thanks a lot, happy to hear you enjoyed it! Yea, it was obvious to us from the start that we need to implement the online leaderboard, because it's always so fun to see people get competitive :)

  • Henry Haak
    Lv. 41

    I like the concept of the game, but it played a bit hard to control for my liking. I realize the difficulty in the game is in the other cars hitting you and knocking you around, but it led to an experience I personally didn't enjoy playing. I did really enjoy the art, however, and felt that was a highlight of the experience. I also enjoyed the concept of a post apocalyptic burger delivery service, it hit the line between serious and comedic perfectly.

    • Riuku
      Lv. 19
      Riuku Developer of Maku Burger

      1yr ago

      Thanks for playing and the feedback. It's become clear that the gameplay is not for everyone. Honestly it turned out way jankier than I (the programmer) intended it originally, but I thought it was fun anyway, hehe.

      Appreciate the kind words!

  • Ross Boman
    Lv. 30

    The car controlled kinda wild. I really like the idea and what it could have been but the the way the steering worked and getting pushed around just made everything feel off. Art was fantastic though and the sound were alright. Good game man.