The bringer of cheesy release...

A world in chaos. All hope is lost. However, there is the one true law that surpasses space and time. Not angel nor devil exempt from its sacred rule. That law: "15 minutes or it's free."

You are Papa Pizza, the ultimate delivery man. You have one objective. In this vicious hellscape, the people will be given pizza. For without pizza, there is nothing.

You're their only hope...
  • Fight your way through 10 action packed levels with deadly traps and foes...
  • Prove your worth against a powerful boss enemy...
  • An expansive and sophisticated story to experience...
  • Be better together with online and local co-op. (coming soon)
  • Compare with your high scores worldwide and be the best there has ever been. (coming soon)
  • Open lootboxes to collect hundreds of unique weapons and cosmetics, immortalized on the blockchain to be yours and yours alone. (coming soon)
  • And more to come though weekly DLC...

"If I had to play Elden Ring or that game for the rest of my life it would be that game." -D0K

Coming to Google Stadia™ this year!

The legend contimues


(c) Seltzy Gaming 2023 DONT STEAL


  • Seltzy - Director, Script, Artist, Composer, Producer, Caterer, Programmer, Game Creator, Artist
  • Erabosu - Ideas
  • Maslink - Artist
  • D0K - Artist
  • duckworth - Artist
  • SurgDev - TBD
  • George R.R. Martin - World Building (coming soon)
  • Koji Kondo - Guest Composer (coming soon)

(c) Seltzy Gaming 2023

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