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Leadworth, the bullet guy who is clearly found his way out of the Gungeon, is now on his way of murdering everything he sees to survive.

He is desperate for blood, because blood is actually pretty tasty and very nutritious, but he developed an addiction for it lately.

Guide him through the random forest and kill everything you see.

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  • WASD - Normal movement. Enemies don't flee.
  • MOUSE BUTTONS - Shoot yourself and cancel the flight. Enemies hide.

Game created by Melonai (Discord: Melonai#6970 Twitter: @melonai2d)

Music created by Kraeid ( Discord: kraeid#8900 Mail:

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I did not have a very good concept in mind. I focused so much on the graphics that I just couldn't program a good game out of this and I'm still sad that this project has not become what I wanted it to be.

Result 21st