The Purrfect Opportunity

The Purrfect Opportunity

  • Grumpy Pug
  • 2 years ago
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Note: To unlock internet multiplayer, please play a round of singleplayer first (either AI or two player).


Kyle The Kitty Is Snoozing!

You only have one shot at this - you're going to get in there and smoosh that cat's tummy before he wakes up and scratches your eyes out.

Rubbing a kitty's belly is risky business. Do you know how soft and fluffy a cat's tummy is? Of course not, Kyle is very grumpy and protects himself... but you have to know.

This simple arcade game combines mankind's two loves: small, soft animals and electronic entertainment.

. Marvel at the "realistic" catsynth sound effects

. Practice for the coming war betwixt Man and Machine by playing against fiendish AI

. Chortle with glee as you win the tenth internet game in a row

. Chair dance to the smooth Bossa Nova grooves

. Laugh in your sibling's face as you beat them in local multiplayer

. Scream in frustration as a rubber duck messes up your flawless game


Controls are shown in-game and are customiseable. Music and sound volumes can be adjusted in-game too. Internet multiplayer does not require port forwarding but you do have to play a singleplayer game first. Online interactions are not rated by ESRB, nor is the rest of the game for that matter.

If you're a Mac user and you're having problems with the package, please check out YoYoGames' advice here (and if that doesn't work, try "sudo xattr"!).


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