• Melonai
  • 3 years ago
  • 21st
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Leadworth, the bullet guy who is clearly found his way out of the Gungeon, is now on his way of murdering everything he sees to survive.

He is desperate for blood, because blood is actually pretty tasty and very nutritious, but he developed an addiction for it lately.

Guide him through the random forest and kill everything you see.

alt text


  • WASD - Normal movement. Enemies don't flee.
  • MOUSE BUTTONS - Shoot yourself and cancel the flight. Enemies hide.


Game created by Melonai (Discord: Melonai#6970 Twitter: @melonai2d)

Music created by Kraeid ( Discord: kraeid#8900 Mail: chillbackresistance@gmail.com)

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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley Level 12

    Lovely graphics! I included it in my compilation video series of all of the games from the GM48, if you’d like to take a look :) https://youtu.be/K_L2zq0zxbg

  • Veralos
    Veralos Veralos Level 37

    The art style is wonderful, and all the characters are very well animated. The music complements it quite well, though I would have liked some sound effects.

    The main concept is quite a clever idea and a good use of the theme. It feels pretty frantic trying to shoot through all the enemies. It feels like it's missing a score counter or something though. I don't know - Maybe there is some end goal, but I'm just not good enough to reach it.

  • Secret Cat
    Secret Cat Secret Cat Level 2

    I really like the art style of this - it looks great!

    Like others have said the collision with trees is unforgiving and the controls are a little awkward. And there definitely needs to be some sort of feedback for when you get hit etc, at first I thought the other guys weren't hurting me.

  • TheProgrammer163

    Collision with trees is quite unforgiving but worse than that, if you try to start flying/shooting yourself but you're close to a tree, the hitbox changes, you hit the tree automatically so it doesn't work.

    The hitbox of the player shouldn't change no matter what to avoid this, you can use a variable other than image angle to avoid this and never touch image xscale and image yscale.

    I loved the art

  • Kwis
    Kwis Kwis Level 63

    Cute artstyle!

    Game play is a bit nervous, that's nice! But the controls are a bit awkward. Kinda difficult to really control and it's difficult to get the hearts. Especially since your life runs out so quickly! Maybe the game is a bit too fast.

    The movements feel like they could be smoother. Also, it lacks feedback when stuff happens :( like a sound when you hit enemies, visual effects, etc

    The music wasn't bad but it sounded kind of weird and a bit repetitive

  • Orb Warning
    Orb Warning Orb Warning Level 7

    Great out, I'd love to see this character in a more fleshed out world!

  • serialkamikaze

    Nice graphics and music are catchy. It is visually appealing.

    I would have liked if the Game over was more noticeable. Was little trouble knowing that when pressing buttons while playing and then dying and it just instantly spawned back to the center. Maybe just like Enter or another button to restart.

  • Artcadev
    Artcadev Artcadev Level 3

    Great game, excellent visuals and nice simple but yet lovely characters. The gameplay is fun and easy, I encounter some collission problems with the game level design but other than that is good! Great job keep it up. BTW what software did you use for the animation? Cheers

  • Nightsjester
    Nightsjester Nightsjester Level 4

    Cute concept. The collisions with the trees feel a little too unforgiving and there isn't any goal other than kill the little heart guys. Still a good showing especially on the art side.

  • Problematicar
    Problematicar Problematicar Level 37

    Awesome artstyle, really bouncy.

    The music was good but kinda repetitive, same with the gameplay. The only thing ruining it was probably the difficulty and collisions, that made the game a little more frustrating than it should've been.

  • vsevolod_filatov

    this game is pretty good, but in this game there is no goal. If you add a goal to this game, it will get better. The drawing is very good.

  • Chaos
    Chaos Chaos Level 3

    Fun game, but nothing more than that, i want more content and maybe it will be better use some pre-made levels instead of 1 room with auto-spawning. I like the art stile and music, but gameplay is too short and i got tired of this after a few minutes. Overall: good cover, not much inside.

  • pixelviking
    pixelviking pixelviking Level 2

    a bit confused of the game objectives but love the music and art style

  • Shaun Bishop
    Shaun Bishop Shaun Bishop Level 3

    Good visual art. Great idea for the character and how he attacks. Too hard though; even after I realized I wasn't dying from getting hit, but because your health depletes over time (should probably let the player know that before they play), I still died too quickly. Also, like some others have mentioned the tree's collision boxes weren't easy to discern.

  • siridakis
    siridakis siridakis Level 7

    Funny game :) don't know if there's an ending though, I just kept dying.
    The music is good and the art is awesome, really liked your style. What do you use for vector art? I tried inkscape once but it seems GMS only takes flash, is that right?
    Your take on the theme is very clever, you are the one shot :)

  • Nik Sudan
    Nik Sudan Nik Sudan Level 4

    Fantastic artwork and sound, but the gameplay was lacking a lot. Leadworth is a real charmer though!

  • Reiale
    Reiale Reiale Level 5

    Cute design! I couldn't quite figure out why I was dying each time, if it was the creatures I was trying to kill or from running into trees. I liked the idea of a bullet as a character.

  • thirteen
    thirteen thirteen Level 2

    The hitboxes are kinda weird and could be improved on, but the art is lovely ♥

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    Runs poorly just music, not very fun

  • Kodiqi
    Kodiqi Kodiqi Level 6

    Really cute game with lovely graphics. The music is very catchy too, though some sound effects might have given the characters a bit more, well, character.

    I seemed to die very easily, even when I was getting regular kills. Is there any more to it (like another level) if you manage to survive long enough?

  • SpaceMyFriend
    SpaceMyFriend SpaceMyFriend Level 15

    It's cute as heck for sure! Music is fantastic. I wish there was a little more feedback in the game play. Sound fx for hitting enemies, hit fx ect. But man this game is adorable! Good job!

  • Fajpaj
    Fajpaj Fajpaj Level 9

    Great art and style! My only gripe is that the game get hard to control sometimes and the hit boxes on the trees are not obvious.

  • Luiz Gustavo Alves

    Really cool idea, simple but so well executed.

    Good job

  • Bill
    Bill Bill Level 2

    Very nice art, but it can be very tricky to control at times.

I did not have a very good concept in mind. I focused so much on the graphics that I just couldn't program a good game out of this and I'm still sad that this project has not become what I wanted it to be.

Result 21st