• Gofico
  • 1 year ago
  • 23rd



Delve is a platformer-management game about a professor who, despite dangers, refused to leave their team's submarine after discovering an ancient relic. Help the professor survive for 3 days by performing all sorts of tasks, from maintaining power in the submarine to keeping yourself from getting hungry.

The enormous number of tasks are overwhelming but, fret not! With a few cups of coffee, our professor will be sure to do things quicker and more efficient. However, beware; relying too much on our friend may cause some side effects...

alt text


  • A/D or Left/Right arrow keys - moving left or right
  • W/Space/Up arrow key - jump/climb
  • E - interact


alt text alt text alt text

This game is a submission for both gm48 and LDJam 41. Made by Gofico.

This game was made to hopefully teach people about drinking too much coffee. Ironically, while making this game, I survived on several cups. I guess I'm not a good example. :/

Special thanks to my best friend for helping me test the game. :)


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