A procedurally generated delivery road.
A truck that is unable to take or receive damage in the classic sense.
Eight beautiful hats for you to buy with your delivery earnings (It is said that there exists 2 hidden special hats. )

Control your truck, or at least try to, with the W, A, S and D keys and press SPACE to advance.

Created By:
GoblinBoy - Programming / Art
IsmiVero - Additional Art
8^) - A funky track to truck to

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  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    Hello! I've played your game and it's featured in this video, if you are interested: https://youtube.com/watch?v=p0EZZk3-D6E&feature=shares

  • sushipop!
    Lv. 8

    This game reminds me alot of michigan because the roads are bad. I really like this game! the art style is wonderful and surreal, and all the hats to collect are a wonderful touch. This reminds me of something I would have played in middle school during our computer time, and I love it!

  • Riuku
    Lv. 19

    Love the prerendered 3d (?) art style! Driving felt pretty good and I like how the truck falls over if you turn too hard. Sometimes it was a bit hard to see exactly where the limits of the track were so I exploded unexpectedly. Cool game, enjoyed it!

  • Mark L 🌲
    Lv. 5

    My truck just kept going backwards and I didn't now how to stop it. :(

    got a secret hat though! 10/10

    • GoblinBoy
      GoblinBoy Developer of Trans Arctic Trucker

      4mos ago

      Seems like I accidently left in gamepad inputs and didn't set a deadzone so if you had one connected that's probably why you went backwards. But at least you got a fun surprise out of it!

  • Travis Pirozzini
    Lv. 4

    Simple concept and great execution! I enjoyed all of the extra touches (death screen, hats etc - bunny ears are the best!). I found myself driving very cautiously to earn the hats... I definitely wasn't earning any bonus points! The submission felt complete and the theme is on point.



  • Ross Boman
    Lv. 27

    So I think I had a weird bug everytime I tried to play it. My truck would always being going backwards and to the right. The only way to stop it was to hold up and left and the truck would come to a complete stop. I couldn't do anything else other then sit there otherwise I'd start sliding backwards and to the right again. Okay so mid actually I realised after typing all that I had a controller plugged in and thought maybe that was the problem and it was. Other then that fun game. I liked how fast and wild you could get. Good game man.

  • Tib Averus
    Lv. 5

    It's quite difficult to figure out how and when you spin, but the game is really fun, especially once you get better at it! I also love how you made the truck be the grim reaper on game over :>

  • Villany
    Lv. 6

    It was really suspensful playing this and hoping to not fly off the road. The grim trucker was great and I'm really impressed by the 3d graphics (although I feel bad for whoever had to draw all those sprites). The controls also felt quite smooth and the procedural generation was a nice touch. Great work!

  • Tydecon Games

    The van having the GM48 logo, the hats, the truck-stache, the crazy panic when you go fast around a bend, the truck-reaper, these sorts of things are what make a jam game great, it was such a funny experience and I really enjoyed this one! Good job!

  • Atomic
    Lv. 18

    I really like all the 3d graphics, especially the different end cards and such. It's also a really expansive feature with keeping the truck under control when you drive too wildly. It makes for great risk/reward. The hats also provided cute progression, and I think I might play more this weekend and try to obtain them all *-*

    Pizza Boi

    Pizza Boi

  • Hyper Freeze Games
    Lv. 17

    Fun game! I really like the graphics and the menu and everything was solid and fun to interact with! The hats were a nice addition, too! Gameplay was fun for a while, but I have some gripes with it. First, I had serious issues with hitboxes, which is why I ultimately didnt finish the game. Sometimes I could scoot right through the snow, sometimes just a pixel overlaping was a death, and sometimes is literally just dies in the middle of the road. So something is clearly not working perfectly there, which ruined it a bit for me. Which is sad, because when everything worked, it was reeally fun! Secondly, obstacles spawned "too" random, a check to see if they actually spawned on the road would've been good, i think.

    Other than these issues I think it's a very cool entry for this gamejam! I especially liked the Truck dressed as death when you died :D



    • GoblinBoy
      GoblinBoy Developer of Trans Arctic Trucker

      4mos ago

      As long as you're touching the road you should not really be losing due to snow. I think what's happening is that you're spinning out from taking sharp turns. Which to be fair, I didn't really communicate very well outside of the truck tilting.

      Thanks for the feedback though!

  • Allison James

    I'm fond of the prerendered 3D in this - reminds me a lot of early-2000s PC games 😄 This was a nicely-made experience overall, well rounded out and completed.

    Post Barks

    Post Barks

  • Felipe Vega
    Lv. 2

    I crashed and spin furiously and then exploded in a mini atom bomb. This game is amazing.

  • Henry Haak
    Lv. 38

    Hello fellow driving game maker. I went into this game, after reading the description, dreading a slippery, hard to control mess, but I was pleasantly surprised with how fun controlling the truck ended up being. I liked the pre-rendered 3D graphics on top of sprites, and the overall style of the game was great. I mean, how can you go wrong in a game where the shopkeeper is a truck- no, where the grim reaper is a truck! Comedy gold.

    In terms of the gameplay, while the truck is fun to control, you're encouraged to go fast and there's not really a lot of room to see where you're going. Personally, I think if the game had scrolled horizontally instead of vertically that would have helped a lot, giving a lot more space to view what was coming up next. Also, I felt like I never really knew how far onto the snow was okay for me to drive. When you're trying to drive racing lines to get the best time, it's frustrating to clip the corner just a little bit and have the game decide you've died.

    Finally, I think some sort of timer on screen would help the game. After my first, swift death, I drove the track at a painstakingly slow pace, ensuring I'd be able to make it to the end. This experience was not fun. If there was a timer onscreen, counting down, even if the time it gives you was more than enough I would not have done this, and I wouldn't have spent a minute of my life driving down the icy road at a snail's pace- in other words, I would have gotten to the fun part faster.

    Still, these are pretty shallow criticisms. I really enjoyed your game overall, and thought it did a great job making ice physics not totally suck.