Controls: Use the mouse to click on things.

Secret: Press the space bar a few times to see the cool Items you would have found inside the cave if I was able to finish.

The goal of The Cavern was to create a point and click adventure puzzle game with a branching dialogue system. On your adventure you would discover that you've been stuck in your own mind. You would meet some entities who would try to help or hinder you and find objects that allow you to unlock your potential and teach you how to become grounded and live in the moment. The systems I created work quite work quite well but I didn't have enough time to complete the game. It's really only the first scene outside the cave.

Yesterday a song randomly got stuck in my head. I asked myself when is the last time I heard that song and remembered it was last summer when I did a game jam. I thought "I wonder when the next gm48 is", I came to this site and found that the gm48 started on Friday! I decided why not jump in, there are still 30 hours left. Well unfortunately it wasn't enough time to finish the game but I did some cool stuff so I thought I would share anyway.

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