Please, Move To The Circle

Please, Move To The Circle

  • Kwisarts
  • 1 year ago
  • 5th


"Do you like to do what people tell you to do while getting praised and getting candies? Then this is the game for you!"

I have made a post jam version of the game with a certain number of fixes and improvments (listed in the description of the's page)

NOTE: Please, do NOT play the post-jam version before rating. Play the jam version (the one you can download in this page, not's) for ratings.

(More planned in a future update, including an alternate ending and proper endings to expand on the mini-lore)

Endure your daily routine and... I don't know, maybe find a way to get out or something. Or, even better (since you can't escape on your own), let someone free you!

The game relies on its atmosphere. Some bit of patience is required to fully enjoy the game. :p

(In other words, the pace is too slow)

  • WASD - Move your character (sorry, I was too short on time to add zqsd support, but it was planned)
  • MOUSE - Move your cursor
  • LEFT CLICK - Get poor commentary on furniture and do a bit of action
  • R - Restart the game
  • ALT + ENTER - Fullscreen
DO NOT TAKE THE TOP PATH IN THE SECOND PART OF THE GAME It is a path I should have blocked but for some reason didn't. It's intended, but it will force you to restart, which is annoying since the game is slow. (I mean... You've been warned...)
Art, code, design, music and sound effects all done by Kwisarts


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