French Moon

French Moon

  • The Meeseeks
  • 1 year ago
  • 34th

<h1>How to play</h1> <p>Right/Left Arrow keys to move left and right.</p> <p>Up/Down arrow keys to zoom camera in and out(recommend).</p>

<h1>Story</h1/ <p>You are an alien stranded on a remote planet. Collect garbage while you loop around the planet to refuel your rocket!</p>

<h1>Credits</h1> <p>Art : Gojirana</p> <p>code: Trolog</p> <p>Music: KylaZAUR</p>

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  • Kwis
    Kwis Kwis Level 57
    • The menu is kind of a mess font-wise. Try to avoid using too many different sizes and fonts, it gives the whole view some cohesion
    • The title is exempt from that rule, and speaking of which, it blends in with the moon behind it. It needed a black outline to be easily read (considering it's the title)
    • Is the resolution correct? The text has some distortion for me, in window and fullscreen mode. (pixels aren't all the same sizes, for example, an 'm' is longer than another 'm' despite being of the same font)
    • The idea of using black paper is nice! Note that if it takes longer than drawing on white paper (I think it does, it's harder to erase and white pencils don't feel as quick to use as regular pencils to me - unless it was black scratch paper, which is even longer), you can also draw black on white and make a negative of it.
    • To avoid animation, a solution could have been to have a character that has few or no moving parts. Or, you could have a simple spine system where you draw each limb appart and animate them in the computer (though I guess that also would have been long uh, perhaps even longer). (In my case, with Night Fuss, our character is an angel. she has an idle animation for the full release but didn't need an animation for the jam version, considering she floats. saved us a bit of time)
    • Or, you can have her pixel art sprite match more by using fewer colors: give her a full black outline to match the background and use white for her skin, but green for her tentacles. Same for garbage (I mean, they don't have tentacles but you see what I mean)
    • This seems unintended, but zooming slowly (pressing both up and down at the same time) makes the stars flicker, which looks rather cool
    • The rock, scissors and papers are hardly noticeable

    Overall, liked the atmosphere and style, I like the idea of looping around the moon

  • Tero Hannula

    The environment looked good, but as Metroid3D said, the characters and garbage looked out of the place. I liked the eerie music, but also sound effects didn't the music. The game was bit too slow-paced, but it was nice to have somekind puzzle in the end with all that walking. Though I didn't understand the loop theme here, you walked around planed, looped yeah, but was there meant to be other interpretation? Nice entry otherwise :)

    edit. Yeah, the these jams have really short time, you learn eventually to prioritize when you participate several of them ^^

    • trolog trolog
      Level 6

      Nope looping around the planet was the "theme" it was a really difficult theme to make something more intuitive. Yeah the walk speed could have done with speeding up, we was going to put a lot more mini games to add content but time restraints! Thanks for the feed back :)

  • Metroid3D
    Metroid3D Metroid3D Level 8

    While the characters and the garbage looked out of place, I really liked the hand drawn aesthetic of everything else. I could see this being a really zen chill game to relax to. Ending riddle was also fun to figure out.

    • trolog trolog
      Level 6

      I'm really glad you liked the last part, you're the first person to mention this bit. We tried to make it simple to make sure more people passed. Thank you for the feed back, yes we both agree we should have kept the art more consistent, speed up movement and some other stuff too. Overall i really enjoyed this jam but I didn't like the theme haha.

  • Mcwequiesk
    Mcwequiesk Mcwequiesk Level 11

    A nice little game. I agree with a lot of the other feedback saying the graphical styles clashes a little, and I felt a little lost during the game, but it had a really nice atmosphere!

    • Gojirana Gojirana
      Level 2

      We agree the atmosphere would have been nicer without the pixel art, but there was no time to animate a character on black paper (and no experience in doing it !). I'm definitely taking this into consideration for further improvement! Thanks for your feedback :)

  • MinutSoap
    MinutSoap MinutSoap Level 3

    I love the graphic style of the moon and the background. I suppose the characters, enemies and items are in a different style for contrast purpose.

    • trolog trolog
      Level 6

      It was running low on time, my artist is new to game development, so trying to do a walk animation hand drawn on black paper was very difficult. Ideally we'd have liked the whole art to be consistent but time restraints just didn't allow for this.

      Thanks for the feed back :)

  • Atomic
    Atomic Atomic Level 17

    That was a pretty experience. The game's strong side is the atmosphere, from the music, to the optional zooming to look at the sky at large. The music was a bit boring for my taste, but I didn't get tired of it, because of the length of the game. The art was low key actual art, but the mix between pixel art and traditional was somewhat jarring. It also has a great message which is rare in jam games. Although the game it self doesn't offer much gameplay, I like for what it is.

    • trolog trolog
      Level 6

      Hey thanks for rating, yeah all the art was Hand drawn by my artist, each dot is carfully placed to make shading, it's a LOT of work, which meant within the 48 hours there was no way we could get it all in this style sadly! She is also brand new to game dev which is amazing, so doing an animated walk hand drawn was a bit to much at the moment, but NEXT time :D

  • Inkira_develops

    I really like the art, and would be interesting to see how your did the rotation and wrapping level design. I did find the rock/paper/scissors bit, a little confusing to start with and the scrolling shooter, I didn't have enough time to really grasp what i had to do. After I looped back the game was over. It was very interesting and I liked your take on the theme A loop.

    PS. Thanks for testing my game.

    • trolog trolog
      Level 6

      Hey there, thank you for the feedback.

      I made a "rotate" parent object, Create event like this "distance = point_distance(x,y,oHomePlanet.x,oHomePlanet.y); angle = point_direction(oHomePlanet.x,oHomePlanet.y,x,y); space_rotate_speed = 0.05;"

      And the step event was distance = point_distance(x,y,oHomePlanet.x,oHomePlanet.y); //angle += 0.1; x = lengthdir_x(distance,angle) + oHomePlanet.x; y = lengthdir_y(distance,angle) + oHomePlanet.y; direction = angle; image_angle = direction;

      This way, no matter where I played a rotateCHILD it would get the middle of the homeplanet as the rotate center point. Sorry if I'm not describing this well.

  • David Yates
    David Yates David Yates Level 2

    I like the art style, it's very distinctive. The little touches like playing rock paper scissors with weird aliens really make it endearing. Also liked how you switched the gameplay up a couple of times -- I really wasn't expecting to be able to actually fly the rocket!

  • Luke No Further

    I love the art! Such a bold choice to make it hand-drawn black and white, but yeah a shame the characters and garbage wasn't in the same style.

    I somehow managed to lose like 20 games of rock paper scissors in a row and then the second time I played I won first time! D: such crazy luck.

    Why is it 'French' Moon, by the way? I tried to figure it out as I played but I'm stumped.

    • trolog trolog
      Level 6

      Hey thank you for the feed back, I was worried about the rock paper scissors as a few game i also had terrible luck and was getting frustrated haha. French Moon, because I don't actually know, my artist who did all the drawn and pixel art is French and it's kinda in space, that's all I got.

  • HSmileyFace
    HSmileyFace HSmileyFace Level 3

    Very interesting game.

    I loved the artstyle, if only the character followed the same style. Music and atmosphere was also great.

    The player's walk speed felt too slow, making it boring to walk around the planet for ages.

    Overall a very nice entry, good job!

    • trolog trolog
      Level 6

      Yeah I was going to change the speed but only had a 1 hour left and it's actually everything moving around a certain point hardcoded, I just didn't trust myself to not mess it up! Same with the other art we was running low on time, but It would look much better with consistent art style I agree :)

  • Zingot
    Zingot Zingot Level 2

    Very strange game, it kinda reminded me of some art cartoons from yesteryear. With the character and garbage were in the same style. Unusual concept and kudos for the inclusion of mini games too.

    • trolog trolog
      Level 6

      Hey thank you, I really had a lot more planned for it, to flesh it out and make it more of an actual game, but time limitations! We are glad you got the reference to the style of old animation :)

  • TobyMoby
    TobyMoby TobyMoby Level 15

    Very cool looking game!

    What I liked: -The art looks awesome, really nice atmosphere -Music is catchy -Zooming in and out at will is a cool mechanic -"Puzzle"-based progression

    What I'd like to see improved: -Player model etc done in the same art style -Game is fairly short (normal for game jams), I think expanding on it with more plantes and puzzles would be great!

    And now I demand desktop backgrounds based on your game! :D

    • trolog trolog
      Level 6

      Hey Toby, thanks for the playing the game and the great feedback, I completely agree about the consistent art style would have been better, we just needed so much more time, the actual art is all hand drawn and takes a LOT of effort, each dot is placed with thought(I can say this because I'm not the artist)

      I actually use one of my artists drawings as my Desktop wallpaper so this comment made me smile :)

  • Panda-K
    Panda-K Panda-K Level 16

    So pretty!

    I couldn't loop around the moon again, though :(

    I don't know how easy this would be to do with the spinning moon, but it could be fun to add a really floaty (low gravity) jump and let the player try to catch garbage that is orbiting (and zooming out would help you find it).

    • trolog trolog
      Level 6

      I have an idea of extending it so you can steer a rocket and land on other planets, kinda already have the math prepared for it. What part did you get stuck on? A bug?