A Life in a Loop

A Life in a Loop

  • qst0
  • 3 months ago
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You are Fil,

and your life has been feeling rather flat and dull. Everyday feels the same, only the most arbitrary, minuscule details are even slightly different. But it's never enough to make a difference. It could be worse right... it's just the same day. Waking up, dealing with people, searching for more... the same job every day. Life.


Mouse to look

WASD to move

Spacebar to jump

Esc Backspace for ???

Move the mouse to look around. Gamepad Ready: Both Sticks, A button, sholders, start / select

Live a life in a loop,

break the loop.

Live your life.

(MacOS build coming soon)

Code, ideas, music and pixel art by qst0

Ideas, writing and story by Walker Orihara


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You were Fil.


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