Ants Took My Eyeball

Ants Took My Eyeball

  • Käsityökerho
  • 1 year ago
  • 2nd

Ants stole your eyeball. What can one do about it? Shrink-yourself-dig-to-an-anthill-and-fight-yourself-to-the-queen-through-some-particularly-moist-shrooms-and-nasty-bugs?

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  • Brupibo
    Brupibo Brupibo Level 11

    What Fachewachewa said. Then it is ready for Steam :D

    Congratulations, it is an impressive jam game! The boss battle was pretty fun!

  • Fachewachewa

    Obviously amazing visuals, really cool particles and lighting, cool boss, and overall good game.

    I do have some complaints though :D

    • Spamming shots gets old, we need autofire, especially when some enemies take so much hit to die.
    • Since there's not a lot of enemy variety (which isn't bad for a jam), I wish the game was shorter. Levels aren't that interesting compared to what you can do. It's really ok to have a short game in a jam and leave people wanting more than having a bigger game where they might give up. Luckily it isn't too hard and the checkpoints are generous.
    • Had a few troubles with jumping off platforms, check out the fabled "coyote time"
    • dosto dosto
      Level 10

      Thank you for playing and giving feedback! Valid points also other people have mentioned. We will definitely take them into account in our next games.

      Btw I'm always a little bit scared of your icon when I see it.

  • Nyveon

    That was really good.

    To the point where I can't come up with any feedback to give, for a game made in 48 hours, it hit all the marks. Great soundtrack, great art, solid gameplay, a fun story. I would have liked to play with the D-Pad instead of the joystick but that's such a minor detail.

    Really well done, congratulations.

  • IsmoLaitela
    IsmoLaitela IsmoLaitela Level 19

    That was rather complete experience from the begininng till the end. It felt a bit too easy, but I could imagine some players having troubles in specific parts of the game. What could I say... it's rather perfect package for such a small jam game. Some nitpicking, like audio could've been cleaned a bit more and whe nants exploded, their head were facing a wrong direction etc. etc... Very Terraria-like feeling on graphical side. I really liked the enemy variety and didn't expect such a massive boss fight!

    • dosto dosto
      Level 10

      Thank you! I'm really happy we had time to make the boss fight: even though we planned having it in the beginning of the jam, we could easily have ended up with a really short ending due to the time constrains.

  • Heather
    Heather Heather Level 10

    Very relatable game. Absolutely hate it when ants steal my eyeball!

    That aside, I enjoyed the intro, the voice acting. Also felt it was a gorgeous game. Loved the bioluminescent environment and the spurts of neon fluid when reigning down hell on the poor thieving ant colony.

    Appreciated I didn't have to start from the beginning when I died. Sound throughout the level was also appropriate and the sound effects were great too.

    Really nicely polished game!

    • dosto dosto
      Level 10

      Yes that's the worst!! Also when seagulls are so built up their attacks send you splashing your body parts around the yard.

      Thank you for your kind words!

  • 89o
    89o 89o Level 20

    Obviously this is a 10/10 on Art (except the cutscene graphics... those were quite shoddy indeed). However, I found the gameplay to be a bit lacking. You can only shoot in 2 directions, move, or jump. This significantly decreases the amount of tactical decisions the player can make. You'll need to get down to the enemies to fight them anyway. I'd also maybe introduce some enemies that attack from a distance, or maybe even ones that crawl on the ceiling to prevent people from camping. After all, you want the player to keep moving and shooting. Oh, and if there's no penalty for just shooting all the time, then there should be an autofire. Maybe you could introduce some kind of ammo, or even just an overheating system so the player can't just fire endlessly.

    • Riuku Riuku
      Level 11

      Thanks a lot for the feedback!

      I agree that the gameplay was not super interesting in itself. This time we spent most of the time in art, narrative and polish and the game looks great (I'm allowed to say that because I'm not one of the artists, I'm the coder). At least personally I think the game is just short enough that the lack of deep gameplay is mostly overshadowed by all the other candy so that the player still stays interested till the end!

      That being said, I do regret that we didn't spend even just a little more time on gameplay. There are some simple things that we could've pretty easily implemented, such as having autofire like you suggested. Some enemy variety would've been nice, and I like your suggestions on that!

  • Megan
    Megan Megan Level 9

    Really polished game. Awesome intro and music, boss fight was cool too! I got annoyed that jump was 'z' and not up or space, though, it really tripped me up in game.

  • Nick
    Nick Nick Level 4

    Wow. So. Cool.

    There isn't much to improve, but if I had to pick something, it would be that sometimes ants stay directly below where you want to jump down to, making it hard to get down without damage.

    Amazing work!

    • dosto dosto
      Level 10

      Those sneaky little bastards waiting for their snack leaving no other option than you to be snackity snacked. Yes it is a bit of drag 8|

      Thank you for playing and commenting!

  • fqSake
    fqSake fqSake Level 5

    Aside from the opening, the game is really well polished. I'm left to assume the initial cutscene couldn't be as worked on, perhaps due to time constrictions, but nevertheless I'd rather have a weak opening for this game than no opening at all. Although it is a fairly standart shooter, I think the little narrative behind it, complemented by the art and music made it a great experience.

    If I had to add any constructive criticism, I think it'd be to enable autofire. But it didn't really bother me to much.

    You've done an amazing work, congratulations!

  • Sindre Hauge Larsen

    That was intense! Excellent game, especially for such a short jam! Loved it.

  • Kultisti
    Kultisti Kultisti Level 2

    Se tunne ku äntit vie sun silmämunan But hey what an amazing entry! The music worked well with the intense gameplay and bossfight was just top notch. Good work!

    • Riuku Riuku
      Level 11

      Perustuu tositapahtumiin. (ei oikeesti perustu)

      Thanks for the feedback! Music is usually a weak point in our games or it might be missing entirely, because none of our core team are musicians. This time we worked with a musician friend and we are very happy with how it turned out and how well it fits the game. Glad you enjoyed the game!

    • dosto dosto
      Level 10

      Perustuu tositapahtumiin

  • serialkamikaze

    Ants, ants everywhere

    Great looking and polished game. Loved the weird sound effects here and there. Music also got stuck a little in my head.

    Was great fun but I was not able to took the eyeball back.

    I wish I could do something as polished as this and you did in for the jam. Would love to see your future entrys!

    Great one!

    • dosto dosto
      Level 10

      Thank you for playing and commenting! I have to admit Reaktori's huffing voice acting for the beetles was the most.. idk nastiest? repulsive? character voice I've witnessed for a while...

  • Tero Hannula

    As in gameplay, nothing special, but well done and polished. Going deeper and deeper, and having waves of ants when trying to get pass the worm. It was polished game, maybe starting sequence was off from otherwise polished game ^^" Wasn't too hard, though there were spots where you needed leap of faith, which caused loss of health. Though good you put mushrooms everywhere. (Also autofire would have been great) Art, music and were good, well done.

  • Veralos
    Veralos Veralos Level 35

    It's pretty standard platform shooter fare, but that's hard to complain about when everything is so well polished! The animations on the main characters and the enemies are very lively (especially the final boss). The effects for shooting enemies are pretty satisfying and give a nice amount of impact to the action. The lighting effects are also super cool. The audio all fits and the music compliments the game well. I also found the opening pretty amusing with the main character nonchalantly stating he had to shrink himself.

    I guess if there's one thing to complain about it would be the whole shooting as fast as you tap the button thing. It can get a bit tiring when trying to shoot fast. That's a pretty minor nitpick though.

    • Riuku Riuku
      Level 11

      Thanks for the comments. We're happy you enjoyed it!

      We spent a pretty big portion of the dev time with the effects, polishing, juice and the narrative sections. Those are the things that I personally am the most satisfied with and had the most fun making, so it's great to hear that people are liking those elements of the game!

      I wonder how much fact that you can shoot as rapidly as you can tap the button skews the general difficulty of the game. People that can (and want to) tap really fast may find the game much easier than the people that can't tap as fast or don't realize that they could do that. Personally I think that's actually a pretty major design flaw (or actually an oversight, to be precise) that makes it very hard to balance this game's difficulty.

  • Tydecon Games
    Tydecon Games Tydecon Games Level 18

    WOW! I'm at a loss for words, it's REALLY good, everything about it, just wow, you've done a really great job here and should be beyond proud of what you've achieved in such a small time, easily one of the best games of this jam!

  • Trolgar
    Trolgar Trolgar Level 2

    Looks amazing, sadly I had issues running it, couldnt even start the .exe :'(

    • Riuku Riuku
      Level 11

      Hi, what kind of issue were you having with the exe? If it's Windows protection saying that the exe seems fishy, that's a common problem with Gamemaker games and you should be able to ignore it.

  • Grunlock
    Grunlock Grunlock Level 5

    That was absolutely stunning! Everything was well done. I loved the art, music, sounds and story. For me the difficulty curve was perfect. Excellent job!

    • dosto dosto
      Level 10

      Thank you! 8) Especially nice to get comments about the level of difficulty.

  • ZedSquadron

    The artwork and effects really shine here. I need to learn how to do the lighting and splatter effects! Really well done.

    I had issues getting the gamepad to work, but the keyboard controls seemed to be fine.

    • Reaktori Reaktori
      Level 10

      Thanks for playing our game! This kind of gore/splatter effect is actually really easy to implement once you understand the basics! It's basically just invisible objects bouncing around while constantly spawning those juicy drips. Apply some gravity and random variation in the spawn rate and scale and you are done!

      Oh and the game is unfortunately hard-coded to work with gamepad number 1. So in case you have more than one connected, the other ones won't work :(

  • The Great Gatsby

    fun and very immersive, great art!

  • Luke No Further

    Wow! This was excellent! - There's so much I love about this, but the narrative design was excellent - a really simple setup with a hilarious creative twist 'I guess I'll just have to shrink myself (shrug)' - The continuous descening made it feel like you were going deeper and deeper into danger - especially the big drop before the boss! Then the boss containing the eyeball was a brilliant payoff at the end. It kept me gripped from beginning to end - obviously the controls art sound and gameplay were all tight and excellent, but it was the whole package together with a narrative that drew you through was what really made this special! Well done folks!

    • dosto dosto
      Level 10

      Thank you for the comment! It was nice to hear you appreciated some details which I also like a lot.

    • Reaktori Reaktori
      Level 10

      Thank you for such detailed feedback! It really makes me happy to hear you enjoyed the cool things we managed to cram into the game!

  • PenguinCzar
    PenguinCzar PenguinCzar Level 5

    Im not very good at these types of games, but I sure had fun playing it. The art and sound design were fantastic, as was the story. The one thing I had trouble with were the controls, I didn't like that jump and shoot were so close together in the bottom part of the keyboard, it made for weird hand position. (this may be a 'me' problem tho.) All in all, great game!

    • dosto dosto
      Level 10

      Thank you for feedback! Nice to hear you still had fun even though the genre wasn't really for you.

  • Mimpy
    Mimpy Mimpy Level 17

    The game looks great, all the goo and bug limbs flying around after shooting the ants is very over the top and silly, and the lighting on the mushrooms is cool.

    I think that the gameplay could be improved by giving the ants some more variety and perhaps by giving the gun a recharge rate so that you can't continuously mash the button forever without any penalty.

    • dosto dosto
      Level 10

      Thank you for the comment, nice to hear you had some nice time! Adding some variety would def be fun (not the least because getting to make some new character designs)

  • WangleLine 🌸

    in tight spots bullets just get eaten up by walls and don't deal any damage to ants, it feels a bit clunky because of it

    • Reaktori Reaktori
      Level 10

      Yes, that is definitely a problem :( I hope you enjoyed the game nonetheless!

  • illdie
    illdie illdie Level 7

    Man this looks phenomenal! Great lighting, parallax, gore effects. I like the humorous tone as well. There were some parts where I think it fell a bit mechanically, like at one of the larvae some ants were falling really quickly from above without any good tell. That boss fight at the end was top notch as well. Great work!

    • dosto dosto
      Level 10

      Glad to hear you had a great experience!

      That juicy larva is supposed to fear you and scream to alert more ants to defend it. The ants come quickly to protect the poor baby 8<

  • ceaselessly
    ceaselessly ceaselessly Level 5

    Haha, this was a treat! Truly silly and fun, but not at the expense of a well-designed, cohesive game. The boss battle was particularly well done (and challenging!)

    • dosto dosto
      Level 10

      Thanks! I'm so happy we got henrimikael to do some bg music for us: especially the ending wouldn't be the same without it.

  • PizzaBandit

    Artwork and sound design was top notch and then ending was good too. Nice job!

  • Animalization

    The game was terrific! Though, I suppose you should have done more playtesting, I couldn't get past the area that was around 5-6 fireflies in. Everything was outstanding though, the art, the music, it all was really good.

    • Reaktori Reaktori
      Level 10

      Thanks for playing our game! Our previous GM48 entry "Necromancer" was way too easy, so we decided to make this one more challenging. Too bad you couldn't make it to the ending, it was just around the corner!