Skaart And The Cursed Woods

Skaart And The Cursed Woods

  • Kwisarts
  • 1 year ago
  • 3rd


"Skaart! I'm happy you're here! Please help us!"

Skaart comes to the rescue with the Slot Gun, a gun capable of inflicting devastating blows... if you manage to get the lucky hit. His weapon is useful, but sometimes hurts more than it helps.


Your goal is to go through the forest while using your Slot Gun to kill the haunted trees. The catch is that the gun's bullets are tied to a slot machine, so you have to shoot at the right time to have the appropriate effect. Remember, the Slot Gun is helpful... but it may also be harmful!


  • WASD - movement

  • W - jump

  • K - start the slot

  • K (while in slot mode) - shoot

  • J (while in slot mode) - cancel the slot

  • R - restart

  • ALT + ENTER - fullscreen


Oh I wish I had just a bit more time! I spent most of the jam setting a base to the mechanics and elements of the game, but as the clock was ticking, I was unable to apply it. I had several other bullet (or Slotties ) effects idea. (such as a healing bullet, melee bullets, crazy but dumb effects - like transforming the enemy into a frog) Adding a bit more enemies, and obviously, more content. I made all the (playable) rooms in the last couple of hours.


I hope you will (or did) enjoy your experience with Skaart, although it's not very finished. It was really fun an satisfying to make (especially the art and sound effects). Each GM48, I feel like I go further! I haven't made the "feat" I made back with The Ascension but I try to add more gameplay into the mix! My scope was a bit too big this time around.

I still hope you like my new baby. ♥


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