Squirt Patrol

Squirt Patrol

  • Baku
  • 1 year ago
  • 6th


You parents are away, so your dumb sister is having a secret party in the garden.

Knowing her, it will be a disaster. So you decide to help out, by acting as the "Squirt Patrol!"

When an incident is about to happen, squirt the right liquid on there to fix it in time!

Do your best to have a succesful secret party!


  • It's an FPS (first person squirter) - it's really not that complicated. Mouse aim, WASD movement, the usual. Some keys for tweaking FOV, UI scale etc. Controls are explained on game menu.

  • Additionally, you can press Control to unbind the mouse from the window.

  • Also "Press Enter to Return to Menu" is a typo, you should press Escape 🙃


Just learning how to make a 3D game was my prime goal for this jam. Considering I only learnt how to make 3D models and stuff less than a week ago, and now how to do 3D games in a weekend? I'm satisfied.

Theme is maybe a little ambiguous. Of course every mission has a time limit. And time until party ended / parents returned home was supposed to play a role too, but..


...I ran out of time.




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