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Your significant other has been POISONED with an experimental FLESH-EATING super virus - and you have the antidote! Take to the skies - destroying and stealing enemy planes to make it to them in time!

Controls and Tips

To Fly

Press the UP arrow key - turn with your LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys

Shooting enemies

Shoot with your X keyboard key


If you plane is heavily damaged, or you just want to make one of the enemies have a bad day, you can EJECT from your plane with the SPACE BAR.

Tip: Eject High Up and with Enemies around so you can steal one of their planes before you hit the ground!


Everything made in 48 hours by team Hot Nenjine

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  • Tero Hannula

    I liked the mechanic, it was fun to jump around the ships. But before I actually played, I fooled around with mechanics and tried to break game a bit. So I flew up in the air, you had denied going to space or too far right/left, you had boundaries, good. I accidently launched myself from plane, when there was no enemies while I was fooling around, whoops. Now after this I decided to actually play and move forward, which initiates first wave. I think you wanted player to fight waves of enemies and then continue. But at my first attempt I decided just fly low and keep shooting forward. Enemy count just raised and dialogue came, then it seems that boss-fight would have started, but as soon I saw it, it died. Because I had kept shooting forward whole time, it had taken hits before I saw it ^^ Won the game by destroying total of 3 enemy ships which happened on my path. Game gave me total score 0, oh yeah :D

    Had to try again to see better what boss actually looked like.

    • Brian LaClair

      Haha, you kinda-sorta broke it, but not in the way you guessed.

      We actually tried to put a lot of weight on being able to play the game however you wanted (and quite honestly, the scoring algorithm was coded by me smashing my keyboard a few times with about 10 minutes left to submit the game) and speed was supposed to be one of the elements needed for ultra high scores, but uhhh, yeah, keyboard smash != living out our scoring dreams.

      I will say it's completely possible to beat the game without firing a single shot, and using your method (which is a ton of fun to do, and sometimes infuriating if you happen to run into the wall at the end while trying it).

      Glad you got to play it a few times and try to break it :-P I haven't found anything that truly breaks the game which I think is quite an accomplishment in itself haha

  • Jackaroo

    This was a lot of fun to play. At first I didn't quite grasp the plane swapping mechanic. To begin with I would swap planes then die instantly because i would be in the middle of a bunch of enemy planes.

    Eventually I realised I can just keep swapping planes and let the empty planes fall to their doom. I was already having fun prior to this, trying to shoot down all the planes, but after realising this it just became a whole lot more fun. Swapping planes just to wittle down the enemy numbers then destroying the last couple with my bullets was a ton of fun.

    The story and voice clips were hilarious too. The clouds were also great, especially the duck cloud. Controls were perfect. The planes were a ton of fun to fly around in. Great work all around.

    • Brian LaClair

      So glad you enjoyed it, Jackaroo! I'm glad you stuck with it long enough to figure out the tricks of the mechanics and have a good time with it.

      We were really hopeful to add some additional things that didn't quite make it in with the time limit that add to the hilarity of the story (We were actually both having a laughing fit once we came up with what the gameplay and story were going to be) but if you download the source you can check out some... strange assets, haha.

      Thanks for the kind words :)

  • Zandy

    I tried to do this kind of mechanic in my game! The difference is, your version of plane hijacking is fast, polished, and very fun :D Nitpick time: I found the plane jumping at least 2x more fun than the actual shooting. I found myself planning hijacks, even when I didn't need them. Some mechanic to push players into hijacking would be welcome -- for example, having the hijacked plane gradually Fall Apart while you're piloting it!

    • Hessery
      • Level 10
      • Coder

      1yr ago

      Hey Zandy, were glad you enjoyed our game :D.

      We went back and fourth with whether to even keep shooting in the game or not. We eventually decided to add it as a second mode, but cut it so close we were unable to add it.

  • Bokonon

    This felt really good to play, the controls were super smooth and the combat was engaging. I think the highjacking mechanic was an interesting twist to the inspired-by-Luftrausers gameplay-loop.

    I wish the projectiles were a little larger, they felt quit tiny and sometimes hard to spot.

    All things considered, this was a polished experience and it was pretty fun to play!

    • Brian LaClair

      Hey Bokonon! Believe it or not I just played Capuchin Centauri again yesterday.

      So glad you got to enjoy the game, and thank you for the suggestion about projectiles! If we keep working on this one, we'll look into it :)

      Thanks again

  • singleshot

    Pretty cool game, The jet’s controls were interesting but simple, and plane jacking was a neat idea.

    I think the theme was kind of weak, I feel like if the radio man didn’t keep saying “falling apart” I wouldn’t think about it so hard, but other than your “Lover” at the end breaking into pieces nothing really was falling apart, it was either 100% okay or gone.

    I was kinda thinking more like star fox, with the ship losing pieces and being harder to control. But it was just how many hits you have left before you die. Which sucks because it would add a new layer to it for why to steal from the flyboys.

    Also aircraft jacking was a bit overpowered, I found it better to just fly to the end and get all the enemies chasing me, then just fly up and mash space and wipe half of them out. And repeat until I was the only one left, then take my time with the “boss”.

    Also the orientation of the dog-fighter was really hard to tell when the camera zoomed out and I wasn’t holding up. So that kind of made it a bit hard to control. It also made it hard to tell how many hits you hit left.

    Everything else I didn't bring up was something I enjoyed. So a really good job!



    • Brian LaClair

      Hey singleshot! So glad you go the chance to check it out (and give a ton of great feedback too, thank you!)

      The initial theming was all surrounding the Generic Love Interest disintegrating, and there's unfortunately a few things we didn't have time to actually implement in the game regarding that story (even though related assets exist in the game files).

      I think if we had a bit more time we would have added some plane disintegration stuff - and your idea of harder to control with that is great!

      Thanks for all of the suggestions and seemingly enjoying it enough to play it a few times :)

  • Allison James

    This is one of those ideas where I'm really surprised I've never seen anything like it before. Stealing planes from midair - besides like one throwaway cutscene from one of the later Saints Rows, I can't think of a single game that lets you do that.

    And it works wonderfully! Really fun game that makes full, great use of its mechanics. Very enjoyable entry - great work 😄

    • Brian LaClair

      Ah, thanks so much Allison! I think the hijacking is really special, so we'll definitely explore it more in the future for sure :)

      So glad you had a fun time with it :D

  • Hosh
    • Level 2

    1yr ago

    The entire movement mechanics of this game was great! Everything felt great control wise (though i prefer WASD) and the eject mechanic was really fun. You even went the extra mile to voice act which i appreciate haha. Well done!

    Dome Run

    Dome Run

    • Brian LaClair

      So glad you had fun with it Hosh, I think it feels great too! We've had one person here, and one person on Twitter asking us about adding mouse support (which I'm still trying to wrap my head around how it could work, but I think I have a few ideas), so if we continue work on this at some point I'll make sure to throw WASD + an alternate fire key into the mix :)

  • Ethan Wake

    I love it! The "keep hijacking vehicles to reach the end of the level" gameplay reminds me of an old PSP game called Pursuit Force. It's a blast to lure your enemy close, then eject and kick them out of their own plane haha. The dialogue is hilarious and the ending was unexpected. I appreciate the attention to detail; you could have simply rotated the plane sprite, but instead the plane actually shifts so you can see it from different angles. Excellent game!

    • Brian LaClair

      So glad you enjoyed it, Ethan! I just took a look at Pursuit Force - that game looks ridiculously fun haha. It gave me some ideas for how to make hijacking a bit more difficult / skill full (if/when we re-do this game a bit).

      Thanks for all the praise :D

  • Sparked99

    Cool twist on a luftrausers style game.



  • Jason Newman

    WOW! Incredible juice for a game jam game... great details, and even humor. I loved the Luftrausers style gameplay, and being able to steal enemy planes. Really well done. I think this is one of the best entries.

    Break Ship

    Break Ship

    • Hessery
      • Level 10
      • Coder

      1yr ago

      Hey Jason, thanks a bunch :D

      Game feel was really important for us early on, and continued to be as we got closer to finishing. Were really flattered that you think so highly of it :)

  • Yozoraki

    Even though I was really bad at this game I still found it fun to play - the sign of a good game. Would have been good to have a visual for the player health for sure. Other than that, superb game :)

    • Brian LaClair

      So glad you enjoyed it, Yozoraki!

      We were hoping to update the visual a little for more ease, but the determining factor is the amount / density of smoke coming off of the plane! It's a little tricky to get a handle on, but hopefully it'll help someone master it :)

  • Rewdan Sprites

    Hi ya.

    Me and my son had a good long go at this game. We took turns. The gameplay is definitely there. Also such an awesome idea. I like how it opens up at the beginning explaining the "situation" then you can just launch up from the main menu (pretty epic).

    I like the camera work. Nice little zooms in and out etc.

    I was pretty fine with the controls but I will say the fire button is a little close to the eject button. It was fine though - it led to some funny moments where I was like "Noooooooo!" Haha.

    He took a little while to get used to the controls but I taught him how to do it.

    Me and him played quite differently. I tried to take down the ships on the way getting into dog fights. He kind of just went straight for broke and got followed by about 35 enemies at one point I believe. Kinda cool though.

    Alright so the art is a little basic as mentioned by others I liked the duck clouds. Pretty interesting idea.

    Edit: No one said that. I haven't slept for days. Excuse me.

    Not too sure how closely it follows the theme. I guess you can fall through the sky which in my books counts?

    The music and voice acting is cool. I do wish there was maybe some bullet fire sounds though?

    When we accidentally quit the game he asked how we could skip the intro.

    Overall fun little game. Nice ideas and interesting. We're fans for sure.

    • Brian LaClair

      Glad y'all got to enjoy it and play through it a few times!

      We had a lot of fun making this - one of the heavily debated topics between us was how to make it so that the player had a lot of choice on how they wanted to play the game, so I'm glad to hear that it worked! The unfortunate side of that is that the scoring algorithm was coded with about 10 minutes left in the jam, so it's somewhat broken for the "go for broke" route :(

      As far as the theming goes, we made a few different aspects of our game about falling apart:

      • The main character is going to deliver the antidote to their [generic love interest] who is slowly being eaten away by a super poison. We have a sprite in the game (feel free to download the source and check it out, plenty of unused stuff unfortunately) that was going to be placed in the corner to show your remaining time based on how uhhh... decomposed... your love interest had become. Unfortunately ran out of time to put that up there, even though it was one of the earlier animations completed.

      • Your planes continuously fall apart and you have to eject to steal other planes to survive... unless you're just that good 😎

      • Your relationship falls apart because of what you have to do at the end of the game... and that thing also falls apart as you destroy it.

      Glad you liked the music and voice acting! There are actually bullet sounds from both you and your enemies, but they might not be audible when played at low levels.

      And yeah, sorry about the intro not being skip-able! That bugs me too. I actually had Hessery make the sprite for the walkie-talkie while he was at work about 45 minutes before the end of the jam, and I hadn't even finished up that portion of the game yet - so I forgot to throw in a way to skip it.

      Still, so glad you both enjoyed it and stole some planes along the way!

  • fqSake

    The gameplay loop here is amazing! I could have just spent the whole game flying around shooting and planejacking! Both mechanics felt satisfying, the voice acting felt right in place. Personally, I had some trouble understanding how damaged my ship was and ocasionally lost track of what direction I was rotated, but it didn't take me out of the experience.

    As a question, did you ever experiment rotating with the mouse instead of keyboard? This isn't really a critique, but I would like to understand if you ever pondered that.



    • Brian LaClair

      So glad you liked it! We had a few iterations of endless modes for testing before getting the progression of the game all in place... very easy to get distracted by playing it for a long time, haha.

      We actually didn't experiment with mouse controls at all - someone else actually yelled at me on Twitter for not having them in the game (oops). To me the keyboard controls feel super satisfying and I can't really envision how it would work with mouse rotation... do you have any thoughts on that?

      Edit: I forgot to mention, yeah, the only indicator of damage is the smoke trail of the plane. There's a lot more leeway on the players plane's smoke to show health amount than on enemies. We were going to work up better smoke sprites to better show damage, but that fell the way of the 48 hour limit sadly!

      • fqSake

        I understand why people would prefer mouse controls, but I think it's a matter of vision. I feel like keyboard controls make it slightly harder to shoot your target, but I also feel that's the point. If it were easy to shoot the "baddies", why even insert a planejacking mechanic? So, at the end of the day, I'm on team Keyboard! XP

        I'm very happy with the game and absolutely enjoyed every bit of it and hope to see future projects from you in the future!

  • BreadClip

    WOO! GTA x LUFTRAUSERS! This was great, I liked the background and the voiceovers a lot. I agree with others that the shooting was a side show, its all about planejacking!

    • Brian LaClair

      Haha, so glad you liked it! As I mentioned earlier, we had thought long and hard about whether or not to even enable shooting, but we tried to make this a game that you could play however you wanted to.

      I'm a big fan of planejacking personally, but the ability to shoot adds some good variety I think.

  • Nick Ver Voort

    Pretty fun, I enjoyed the sense of momentum flying around! It was pretty tough doing the actual dogfighting, maybe some way to see where you're aiming would help with that. The voice-over was fun too. Great work overall!

    • Brian LaClair

      If you want to give it another try, pressing backspace when you're in the game should enable debug mode and make the directions super apparent - I think I forgot to disable that feature.

      I haven't personally had the issue of not being able to tell where my fighter is facing other than when I'm excited by fighting a ton of enemies, but I can imagine playing the game for the first time could get quite disorienting...

      I'm glad you had a fun time with it though - and I appreciate the voice over compliments! My first time doing recording work like that, and I'm glad I could make my voice sound cool enough 😎

  • Meedil

    Great audio, fun gameplay, and decent graphics.



  • SpritePainter

    Ok ok ok ok, so like, yeah, that is sooo much fun. My biggest suggestion: get rid of the shooting mechanic. Seriously, just make it all about ejecting and hijacking other planes in flight and you've really got something here. It was so much fun when that was all I did.

    • Brian LaClair

      Haha, good suggestion - we both played the game while working on it for hours with shooting disabled for this reason and one of the nearly completed features when we ran out of time was a pasifism award.

      It took us a while to decide if we wanted to allow the player to shoot or not, and we were hoping to add a mode where it was disabled, but alas time was not on our side!

      So glad you enjoyed it and stole lots of planes along the way :3

  • Chris

    Cool effects, fun to control and great sound. The voice over adds to it.

    • Brian LaClair

      So glad you enjoyed it, Chris! All of it was a ton of fun to get working, and doing the voiceovers with about an hour left was certainly interesting - I'm glad they came out well and you liked them!