Railcar Revenue

Railcar Revenue

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Fling your cargo!

Get your cargo across the desert! Be careful, bandits will rob you! Some will even be on FIRE! What will you sacrifice to fend them off? You decide!

Use your cash to purchase railcars. Railcars come with cargo. If you successfully haul cargo through a trip, you get some cash. But be careful! Bandits want to steal your cargo! So what can you do?

Throw your cargo!

That's right, your precious cargo can be used to fight off the bandits!

Throw the bandits!

If you're near the end of the train, or you need to stop a bandit from throwing a helpless passenger, just pick him up and toss him.

...but wait, what about fire!?

Would you look at that? Some bandits are on fire! They're tougher than usual, so your best bet might be picking him up and throwing him out as soon as possible. If not, he might set the whole car ablaze!

But he did, he set the whole car ablaze!

That's alright! If worst comes to worst, you can always pull a traincar spike to cut a car away! Hopefully he didn't set one ablaze that far up the train...


  • Control stick / arrow keys - move
  • A button / space bar - jump/interact
  • X button / F key - pick up/throw/cancel
  • F4 - fullscreen
  • Escape - end game

Tips and Tricks

  • Cargo's a pretty neat item. It can hurt enemies without being lost. It can put out fires. It isn't lost at the end of the round.
  • <more added soon>


Vinnie_V - programming

BaconBoy - graphics

Donuts - music

Also my friend Ethan screamed into the mic for some dying passengers, so thanks for that.


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