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Sixty Seconds

This is what I call a BAD SITUATION

Look! Iv’e received a birthday present from gran... Oh dear it’s a bomb!

Sixty Seconds

Worldwide Remote Access Network

Another strange disappearance. The police doesn't care. But fret not: Private Investigator Noé Wyatt is on the case!

Sixty Seconds

Within The Vents

You are trapped in an underground alien-infested facility. The rescue team needs 5 days to rescue you, so you need to survive!

Sixty Seconds

Destroy the House!

Be a cat and destroy the house.

Sixty Seconds

A Thirsty Job

Keep track of your coworkers to see who doesn't take their mandatory once-a-minute water break.

Sixty Seconds

Clock Escape!


Sixty Seconds


Warp time and space to your advantage in this frantic scrolling shooter. Survive 60 seconds and defeat the boss at the end!

Sixty Seconds

BOOM in 60 Seconds

Your objective in BOOM in 60 Seconds is to run through 5 floors of a building disarming bombs before the time runs off!