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Sing-a-Song Along

Sing a happy song to Tall Flower in Field to watch it grow to the highest point in the sky!

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Island Grower

Beeing on an island you should survive by growing plants and animals at thisturn-based light rpg and tycoon style mini-game.

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Dave and the Triffid

Dave plants a seed and tries to grow a plant, feeding it whatever it needs.

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On The Window Sill.

"On The Window Sill" is a idle time-based pet simulator, where you must look after and raise a cute little plant.

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Raise your Ashlings from Infants to their Final stage. Feed them shards to make them grow and gain new abilities.

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You are a scientist that can parkour and destroy a global pandemic all from one room. Need to know more ?! 💪🏻🔬

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Play If You Dare!!!

Play If You Dare is a bullet hell where you GROW over time making it even harder!

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